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Welcome to NickyP Wood Shop.  I'm NickyP and I'm based in Las Vegas.  I design unique furniture tailor made for Las Vegas locals & frequent Las Vegas visitors for your home that you've always wanted. We will discuss the size, design, color, style, the type of wood & the finish and I will make it how YOU want it.  I also make custom BOLT ACTION BULLET PENS. These pens are one-of-a-kind, made to order pens & make great gifts for all hunters, target shooters, & gun enthusiast for birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, etc.  Let NickyP Wood Shop make YOUR furniture & custom pens vision come true!
We will sit down together and begin the process of getting your thoughts of what you want on paper, going over your ideas regarding exactly what you want. We'll cover design, size, color, type of wood, & type of finish.
Next, We will begin to exchange photos of items that are similar to your design through the internet.  We will combine these photos & find exactly how you want your project made until you are completely satisfied.
I will now create a measured drawing of your creation. I will revise the drawing to your 100% satisfaction. Once you are satisfied you will sign off on your project, receive a copy of the plans, and the work will begin.
Now that I know what you want, I will offer the price of your custom made piece based on your choices. If you agree we will proceed with your creation. 1/3 of your project is paid up front and the rest upon completion.
I now begin the process of creating your thought out project. Remember that this creation is hand made and I will be taking time and care as if it were my own. You will receive a general time frame of its completion.

2. We Share Online

5. I Build Your Project

From Casual and Rustic . . .

YOU can craft your custom made creation following these 6 easy steps:

3. We Strike a Deal

These Bolt Action pens are a must own for any & all gun enthusiast as they make great gifts for that special someone. Get one today for all of your shooting & hunting Friends & Family! 



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THE BIG DAY!!! Once your project is completed we will make arrangements for you to come pick up your creation. We will set a time for your pick up between 1pm & 5pm on any day of the week.

4. I Create the Plans

1. We Meet & Discuss

6. You Pick Up Project




Ships Direct 

to YOU! 


6 Metal 

19 Body 


Bullet Writing Pens with"Bolt Action" 

Note that NickyP Wood Shop builds custom furniture & is NOT an in home service. When you decide what you want we will discuss the details in depth - size of item, how you'd like it designed, type of wood, stain, paint, finish, etc.  I will draw up the plan & build what YOU want exactly the way that YOU want it* in my shop especially for YOU.  We will then arrange a time for you to pick up your newly created piece once it is completed.

Low cost pen holders available to show off your pens!

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. . . to Custom & Functional

* See Terms on "About Us" page